Thrown, modern, beautiful, spacious, refined and innovative. These were some of the expressions used to define the new Fiat Cronos by the first people who knew the model closely during the clinics with compact sedan buyers recently held by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). These adjectives were awarded to the Fiat Cronos justly. Starting with the design of dynamic lines that run through and unify all the elements of the body. The front is highlighted by strong features, with muscular appearance, and elongated hood, typical style of sports models. This feature is enhanced by the headlamps, which invade the sides with an LED signature, and is complemented by the chrome-plated central grille, which also demonstrates the refinement of the sedan. The sides reveal a vigorous surface that connects harmoniously to the high and wide rear, with LED lanterns with angled and seductive design. The lid houses one of the largest trunk in the category, with an impressive 525 liters capacity. The design of the Fiat Cronos is engaging, stimulating, modern and full of personality. Cronos really translates a new time for the design of the sedans in the Brazilian market. The bold style coupled with sophistication is reflected in the interior, with plenty of space and modernity. The look is drawn to the 7.0-inch Uconnect Touch multimedia system, in floating style as a tablet and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as standard in four of the five versions, allowing access to Waze and WhatsApp, among other applications. The equipment can be controlled from the multifunction steering wheel.

This, however, is just the opening of the technological package that embraces the new Fiat Cronos. The list is immense, but one can highlight the iTPMS – tire pressure sensor – another standard in all versions – the instrument cluster with 7.0-inch digital display in high definition, the Start & Stop system for fuel economy , key-operated keyless entry, exterior mirrors with electric folding, tilt down and puddle lamps, rain sensors, twilight and dazzle sensors, digital automatic air-conditioning, aft camera with dynamic lines, parking sensor, electric steering and the system of cold start without tanquinho. This technological sophistication is repeated throughout the entire mechanical assembly, anchored in the new generation of FCA engines. There are two engine options for flex (1.3 Firefly and 1.8 E.torQ EVO), and three transmission (manual, GSR Comfort automated and 6-speed automatic). In terms of safety the Fiat Cronos brings a new time to the segment. The state-of-the-art Fiat sedan offers side air bags, ESC (electronic stability control), TC (traction control), HH (Hill Holder) and ISOFIX child seat anchorage system.

Deep research and development

To develop Cronos, FCA relied on comprehensive research and development to understand the needs and aspirations of the consumer, increasingly demanding and aware of technological developments in the automotive market. Studies have shown that consumers in the compact sedans segment are mostly married, have at least one child, travel constantly with their family and have a single car, which thus needs to comply with fundamental precepts such as good internal space and of luggage, comfort and safety. Other items such as design, performance and fuel economy also have relevant participation in the purchase decision. Another highlight of the research was the customer’s desire for technological contents that are really useful and that make a difference in their day-to-day life. That is, the consumer is no longer interested in systems that at first glance appear modern, but that add little or no constant practical use. This perception was relevant in the choice of several items already cited that equip the Fiat Cronos, such as the 7.0-inch Uconnect Touch multimedia system and its screen projection functions. The model still fully meets another important element to make the purchase decision in this segment: trust and brand tradition. Cronos represents the continuation of a very successful lineup of Fiat sedans. In just the last six years more than 400,000 people have acquired branded sedans, and hundreds of them in direct and growing sequence – first acquired a Siena, then a Grand Siena and then a Linea. The latter model, even, is one of the cars with the largest volume of repurchase, with index that is double the traditional ones in the market.

Range for all needs

With five versions, two engine options and three transmission options, the Fiat Cronos offers a wide range of options for the most varied sub-segments of the sedan sector. And this wide variety of versions makes it possible to meet a wide price range and needs. Know all of them:

Cronos 1.3

Input option is driven by the four-cylinder 1.3-liter Firefly engine with 109 horsepower and 139 Nm of torque (both with 100% ethanol). The transmission is five-speed manual. As standard, there are air conditioning, electric steering, electric windows (front), electric lock, key with remote control, radio with Bluetooth and USB connections, onboard computer, steering wheel with radio and telephone commands, 3.5 inch TFT display and high-resolution instrument panel, ISOFIX points, iTPMS tire pressure monitoring system, driver’s seat height adjustment, ESS (emergency braking flag) system, three-point seat belts for all rear occupants, support rear center head, height adjustable steering wheel and others. Still, there is a wide range of accessories from Mopar to also equip this version.

Cronos DRIVE 1.3

Compared to the previous version, the Fiat Cronos Drive 1.3 adds the 7.0-inch Uconnect Touch multimedia system and the second USB port – facing the rear passengers. Optional fog lights are available, split rear seat, alloy wheels, aft camera with dynamic lines, parking sensor, tilt down mirrors (automatic adjustment of the passenger side mirror to a lower position in the rear) and integrated arrow repeaters, rear electric windows and alarm.

Cronos DRIVE 1.3 GSR

This version is equipped with Firefly 1.3 engine and five-speed GSR (Gear Smart Ride) Comfort automated transmission with button control in the central console, simple and intuitive drive. The GSR Comfort includes important functions such as Sport, which drives a more sporty driving mode, and Auto Upshift Abort, which provides stronger pickups. The version also has paddle shifts behind the steering wheel, through which the driver can change the gears manually. In this configuration the Fiat Cronos has the best fuel consumption figures in the range, either with ethanol or gasoline in the tank. Also in the series are Drive 1.3, Start & Stop, Ambient Lights, which give the interior of the Cronos even more refinement and sophistication, cruise control, armrest for the driver, rear electric windows, rear-view mirrors with tilt down and integrated arrow repeaters and the following safety features:

ESC (Electronic Stability Control)  – Ensures the maximum maneuverability of the car in situations of loss of grip of the front or rear axles, acting through sensors. The wheels are braked selectively automatically while the engine power can be momentarily decreased, allowing the vehicle to take the correct direction pointed by the steering wheel.

TC (Traction Control)  – It acts directly on the conditions of steep and slippery ramps, such as a wet walk. In this situation the low grip would cause the wheels to slip and the vehicle to have compromised steering, but the system electronically reduces the torque on the front wheels to increase grip to the floor and ensure a safe movement sequence.

HH (Hill Holder)  – It is an assistant for ramp starting that prevents the car from moving backwards in the exits in steep sections, avoiding collisions. The HH still acts in the parking maneuvers, both in ascents and descents. The Fiat Cronos Drive 1.3 GSR can even optionally be equipped with fog lights, split rear seat, alloy wheels, rear camera with parking sensor and alarm.

Cronos PRECISION 1.8

With five-speed manual transmission, the version is equipped with a 1.8-liter E.torQ Evo VIS engine with 139 hp of power and 189 Nm of torque (both with 100% ethanol). This engine has the variable intake manifold system – VIS (Variable Intake System), which ensures more power at low engine speeds. With up to 4,000 rpm the air going to the cylinders passes a longer path, favoring the torque. From there, a fin is driven causing air to travel the shortest path, increasing power. They are standard equipment of this version, in addition to those of Drive 1.3, headlights with LED position light, 16-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, electric mirrors with tilt down and integrated arrow repeaters, rear electric windows, rear seat bipartite, rear parking sensor and alarm. Optionally, the Fiat Cronos Precision 1.8 can also receive front side air bags, a dynamic line rear-view camera, a 7.0-inch high-resolution TFT display in the dashboard, digital automatic air conditioning, rear-view mirror with dazzle sensor, mirrors exterior mirrors with electric folding and puddle lamps, Keyless Entry’N ‘Go, rain sensor, light sensor, leather seats, door handles and chrome door trim and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Cronos PRECISION 1.8 AT6

In this configuration, the Cronos has a six-speed automatic transmission, the same used in the pick-up Fiat Toro and Fiat Argo. In addition to its smooth operation and in perfect harmony with the 1.8 E.torQ Evo VIS engine, it features Neutral Function, which helps fuel economy by decoupling the engine from the transmission at fast traffic stops – which also avoids the nuisance feeling that the system is forcing the brakes. In addition to the items in the Precision 1.8 version, the automatic version features standard paddle shifts behind the wheel for manual shift, cruise control, Ambient Lights, armrest for the driver, leather-wrapped steering wheel and door handles and chrome door trim. The optional items available for this version are the same as the Precision 1.8, except for the chrome trim and knobs (as standard here). The new Fiat Cronos comes on the market in eight colors. Three are solid (White Banchisa, Vulcan Black and Alpine Red), three metallic (Bari Silver, Scandium Gray and Vesuvius Black) and two pearls (Alaska White and Marsala Red).

Warranty, service and accessories Mopar

The Fiat Cronos has a three year warranty with no mileage limit. This period may be extended through Mopar Vehicle Protection, the MVP, available with the option to dilute its value in the portions of the vehicle financing plan. Now with the programs on the Build Your Car page on Fiat’s website, to make it easy to calculate the value of the car with the services, MVP also offers Tailored Review, with pre-programmed and fixed price visits, Convenience Services, which include the most common activities performed during the life of a vehicle, such as oil change, alignment and balancing, among others, and the 24-hour Assistance, with five available modalities that complement or extend the basic assistance Confiat. Mopar still offers more than 40 accessories to provide a unique customization to each Fiat Cronos, to enhance the style and practicality, among other requirements of the model.

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